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Question:  If  a property is connected to another property via a storage unit (not sharing similar exterior walls), is it still considered an attached property?


I am receiving conflicting information....One appraiser notes that it is only considered attached if they share walls, one says its attached if ANY portion is attached to another property (aka a storage unit).


Answer:   Attached means a common wall between the living areas of two units.  Units with attached storage sheds or garages are detached units with an attached garage (or whatever)


Although not too specific, articles supporting this premise are in Wikipedia at:


Page 21 of the 4150.2 Handbook says -- "S-Det.” (Semi-Detached) or “End Unit” (End unit of a group of rowhouses or townhouses)."


How can a house with a common wall be semi-detached and a house without be attached?


This is from a zoning regulation I found:


SINGLE-FAMILY ATTACHED DWELLING UNIT -- A dwelling unit having its own independent outside access, with no other dwelling units located directly and totally above or below it, and having party walls in common with at least one but not more than three adjacent similar dwelling units, and located in a building comprised of at least three dwelling units. This dwelling type shall include, but not be limited to, dwelling units commonly known as townhouses, rowhouses, triplexes, quadruplexes, and multiplexes.


Note that duplex is missing from the definition since it is considered a semi-detached unit.


Now having researched and written all the above here is my question. What difference does it make?  Call it what you like and describe it.  I would personally call it a detached but wouldn't criticize  an appraiser who called it attached.  Nomenclature does not affect value.


Updated -- 10/12/2009

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